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      About Shibo

      Development of lean manufacturing professional services

      Yancheng Shibo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in the production of ventilation pipe processing machinery and sheet metal machinery....

      • 16+years

        16 years of trials and hardships

      • 30+

        More than 30 products


      To customer satisfaction as the purpose, continuous innovation and development


      Provide you with real-time news information

      • 13 2020-11

        How to deal with low...

        How to deal with low temperature environment for spiral duct fanSpiral duct fan in th...

      • 30 2020-10

        Spiral duct forming ...

        Spiral duct fan - duct fan problemAir duct fan is generally determined in the stage o...

      • 17 2020-10

        Three key points of ...

        Three key points of spiral duct fan system designThe advantages of spiral duct are th...

      • 26 2020-09

        The basis of disting...

        The basis of distinguishing the quality of spiral duct blowerSecondly, we investigate...

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